Superior Children’s Centre is a progressive organization committed to ensuring that children, families, colleagues and community are provided with opportunities to reach their potential. We provide services that meet the highest standards, while respecting individual and unique needs.

We recognize that children are our future. We strive to welcome and include all children. We build on and foster children’s natural exuberance and curiosity by providing play based experiences that are developmentally appropriate. We offer safe and stimulating environments which allow children to be active participants in their learning. Each child is valued for their unique qualities and is encouraged to express their thoughts, needs and feelings. As professionals, we help children develop key skills to be able to function effectively as members of society. As role models, we encourage children to show respect for themselves, for others and for their environment.

We recognize and respect that every family is different. Open communication between families and staff allows us to better support the diverse and unique needs of each family. We provide opportunities for families to be actively involved in their life long learning.

We recognize as colleagues, we are committed to the vision and mission of the organization. Teamwork is critical to our ability to provide high quality services. Honest, open communication lays the groundwork for positive interactions in all aspects of our work. We are actively involved in our own self evaluation and professional development. We act with integrity in supporting one another and adopting professional attitudes and behaviours in our work.

We recognize the importance of being part of a healthy community. We value community partnerships and are aware that more can be accomplished when we work together. We provide relevant programs and services that reflect and support what is happening in the community.

We welcome opportunities to continuously evaluate current practice as part of our quest for excellence.

With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know,
but we must try to have and use it.