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History & Background

In May of 1984, a group of concerned parents and professionals formed the Wawa Parent-Child Play Centre committee to identify the child care needs in the community and initiate much needed children’s services in Wawa. That committee has since evolved into a twelve member Board of Directors, which meets regularly and gives direction on issues of policy making, budgeting and other components of the Centre’s operation.

Wawa Parent-Child Play Centre received non-profit corporation status in 1985. That same year the corporation was funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to open a rural Resource Centre in Wawa. This program consisted of a toy lending library, play facility and parent resource centre. It was to become a popular informal meeting place for parents/caregivers and their children.

In 1986, once again the W.P.C.P.C. organization surveyed the Wawa area to assess the need for a licensed day care service. The results of this survey indicated that there was a need for a licensed day care service in Wawa and that it would be utilized.

On July 8, 1986, Premier Peterson made an announcement of economic initiatives for Northern Ontario. Included in the announced initiatives was funding to Wawa Parent-Child Play Centre for the construction of a “Hub” child care centre to be built in Wawa. The centre has been called a “hub model” because it has more than one component of programming.

At that time, Wawa Parent-Child Play Centre offered the following programs:

  1. Family Resource Centre
  2. Licensed Private Home Day Care Agency
  3. Licensed Integrated Day Care Centre

The new Wawa Parent-Child Play Centre Hub Model was completed in August, 1987. It was the first Hub Model to be built in Ontario. The Resource Centre portion resumed operation in the new facility in September, 1987. The Day Care component received its licensing and began operating in November, 1987. The Private Home Day Care Agency began child care services in August, 1988.


Superior Children’s Centre

We are a non-profit, charity, multi-service child care organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. We offer numerous child care programs as well as Child & Family Centres in the communities of Wawa, White River, Dubreuilville, and Hornepayne. All of our programs are offered with our commitment to high quality programming that parents expect and our children deserve.